Evertite Stitchery Frames



Slimline Tension Adjusting Stretcher Bar

(patent numbers 6604306, 6757997)

Benefits of the Slimline Tension Adjusting Stretcher Bar:


Tightens 4 ways:


The framework constructed of Slimline stretcher bars is adjustable 4 ways to compensate for fabric stretch both vertically and horizontally.  The adjustment mechanism is fully enclosed in the stretcher bars.


Little finger strength needed:


A tool (purchased separately) is used to turn the adjusting screws.

Only tack project once:


There is plenty of adjustment for most needlework projects


Loosen as needed:


Easy to loosen fabric if needed for making bullion knots or for storage.


Available only thru your Local Needlework Store


Made in the USA


Available in pairs sized from 4 inches to 26 inches for most project needs.  Fully interchangeable to give square or rectangular shapes. Larger sizes available by special order.


For more information contact:


Evan Burroughs





6325 Joseph St SE
Salem OR, 97317-9198